The void of the soul – Seville

This project came as follow-up on works I have produced during the course of my artistic career and that bring into focus the confrontation between love and domestic violence.
This performance was held indoors, where a group of ten women wearing white gowns, caps, gloves and face masks sat on a circle, built with 150 kg (330 lbs) of refined white sugar and measuring three meters in diameter.
Each woman held in one hand the heart of an animal that was cut open with incisions made with a surgical knife. Next, the women filled the voids (hollowed chambers) of this bloodless heart with the white sugar collected from the sweet space on which they were seated.
Then, taking a curved needle and black thread, they performed embroidery stitches to sew the heart shut. As the women finished sewing, they gently placed the hearts on the sugar-covered floor. In symbolical manner, it was as if they sweetened the collective heart of humanity.