Red bed – Seville

This performance took place indoors, where ten women worked with their own bodies. They sat on a circle, wrapped in white fabric and in the middle of the circle there was 30 kilos of red lipstick paste.
Each woman got the amount of paste they wanted, thinking about their heart, as if they were removing their hearts from their bodies. Little by little the paste became a red sculpture where each one would delicately remove what they didn’t want and would add new things. Like they were sculpting a new organ, a new beating, a new circulation. This started with the circulation generated between them, an external circulation, until it became an internal circulation.
They listened to the Overtone (the sound that produces a change in the heart chakra).
Each woman made the heart like they wanted it to be. When the performance finished, they put the heart back to the center where it came from, which was, metaphorically, the center of each one of them.